Cubs Smash Spring Training Attendance Record (Again)

Chicago Cubs fans come from near and far to see their beloved team play, and that includes spring training games. For the second year in a row since Sloan Park opened, the Cubs smash spring training attendance records (both Cactus and Grapefruit League).

This year the Cubs drew 222,415 fans (or 14,828 fans per game) which is the single largest attendance total for any team in history. Last year the Cubs set the previous record by drawing 213,815 fans averaging 14,254 per game.

The Cubs continue to prove that they can draw fans year in and year out, whether it’s for regular season or spring training games. Cubs fans continue to show unwavering support for their beloved team. There is certainly no shortage of Cubs fans who live in the Phoenix area, but go to any spring game at Sloan Park and you’ll soon realize that you’re surrounded by Cubs fans, not from Arizona, from Chicago and the surrounding area.

Fans from all over Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and other midwestern states flock to the valley to see the Cubs and soak up the warm Arizona sun. I’m always astounded at the number of people I meet that travel to see the Cubs. And to be honest, it sure is nice and really makes it feel homey…at least until the end of March, then it’s just plain hot.

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