Cubs Injury Update: Javy Baez Not Concussed, Eye Injury Considered ‘Minor’

Javy Baez slid headfirst into second base and took a knee to the eye area in Sunday’s losing effort to the Atlanta Braves. This nearly gave me a heart attack.

Cubs trainer P.J. Mainville quickly evaluated El Mago after the collision and deemed the infielder capable of staying in the game. In the top half of the following inning after the Cubs recorded their first out, Javy signaled to the dugout in order to remove himself from the game due to blurred vision.

After the game ended, Joe Maddon informed the Chicago media that Javy does not have a concussion and will be evaluated at Northwestern hospital. Reports seemed extremely positive because Javy’s blurred vision quickly subsided after being removed from the game.

Of course, the Cubs won’t comment further on Baez until reports from further medical tests are revealed, but it sounds as if he will not miss a significant amount time, if any. Maddon even went so far to call the injury minor.

Baez is expected to stay in Chicago tonight, but will travel to Pittsburgh if nothing significant is found during medical evaluation. Overall, this is the best case scenario given the scary nature of concussions.

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