Cubs Quick Hits: Plate Appearances with RISP, Runners on Base by Batting Order Slot

How many times did the cleanup hitter bat with runners in scoring position and men on base in 2017 for the Cubs? Lots.

But some of the other numbers might surprise you. In particular, the eighth hitter in the lineup had the third-most plate appearances with runners in scoring position last season. And the leadoff and second hitters essentially had the same number of plate appearances with RISP.

While the plate appearances with RISP are weird, the quantity of appearances with any runners on followed a more traditional pattern. Cubs cleanup hitters batted most often with runners on base and the difference between the leadoff and second slot was a stark 52 plate appearances.

Much has already been made about who will lead off for the Cubs in 2018, with Kris Bryant’s name even being mentioned. If you have a few minutes, Evan Altman went through a relatively comprehensive examination of the topic.

Whatever your thoughts are on the leadoff guy, he will definitely have fewer plate appearances with men on base that those batters lower in the order.

Batting Order PA PA w/ Runners On PA w/ RISP
1 767 259 172
2 752 311 174
3 740 345 184
4 728 363 213
5 698 324 199
6 679 304 184
7 658 300 171
8 640 323 194
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