MLB Transaction Freeze Ends Friday, Trade Deadline August 31, More Wrinkles

The DH and putting a runner on second in extra innings aren’t the only things that will be different when Major League Baseball resumes. The late start and truncated schedule will necessitate a few changes, many of which The Athletic’s Jayson Stark laid out in a series of tweets.

The first of those is that the transaction freeze that’s been in place since the shutdown will end this Friday at noon Eastern. In a somewhat more obvious development, the trade deadline has been pushed back a month to August 31. MLB should really keep it at August 15 in the future now that waiver trades are a thing of the past.

As for the rest of the changes for the 2020 season, here’s some more info via Stark:

  • Season will start with 30-man rosters. Down to 28 after 2 weeks, 26 after 4 weeks.
  • To be eligible for postseason, players must be added to big-league roster by 9/15
  • Pitchers/catchers report to camp first, then position players.
  • Teams can invite all 60 players to big-league spring training or can send up to 20 players (not on 40-man roster) to alternate site.
  • Not all players on 40-man roster must be invited to big-league spring training (but if not must still be paid)
  • Teams must submit 60-man player pool names by Sunday at 3 ET
  • In-person scouting will be allowed.
  • Teams can take up to 3 taxi squad players on road (but if 3, one must be a catcher)

That’s cool and all, but what about the idea of two teams in Nashville made up of unsigned players? I’ve gotta be honest, I have no idea what all is going on here with the whole “pay a fee to Nashville” thing, but this sounds interesting and fun.

And one more thing…

This will be one helluva roller coaster.

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