Cubs Temporarily Removing Seats to Create Extra Dugout Space

Extensive renovations to Wrigley Field have vastly improved conditions for players, giving them a state-of-the-art clubhouse and expanded dugouts among other creature comforts. However, even the two-tiered seating setup in the dugouts wasn’t going to be enough to accommodate the Cubs and their opponents while allowing them to follow social distancing guidelines. So rather than having players sit in the stands, a temporary solution is being fabricated.

“They’re going to take out some of the seats and cover that area down there, so players have got some area to sit and move around a little bit,” David Ross said Saturday. “That was a concern of ours.”

This might have been a big deal under different circumstances, but removing a few dozen seats doesn’t matter when Wrigley will only be operating at 20% capacity if it can host fans at all. Besides, this move wouldn’t displace nearly as many season ticket holders as the installation of the 1914 Club or other changes.

Speaking of which, I have to think outdoor bullpens would align much better with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. I actually find it pretty hilarious that they moved the bullpens under the bleachers in order to create more high-priced seating and now can’t benefit from either outdoor ‘pens or the extra ticket revenue.

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