6 Chicago Cubs Prospects Give Us Their New Year’s Resolutions

Find out what Brennen Davis and others have planned for 2021

We’ve all made New Year’s resolutions at one point or another, but no matter how many extra books we read or pounds we lose, we’re back to resolving all over again. So instead of vowing to drink less soda or setting aside time to meditate, I scrapped my resolutions and sought out some people with a little more mental fortitude than myself: Chicago Cubs prospects.

The Cubs system is loaded up with 200 athletes just waiting to feast on competition after going over 18 months between real-life baseball games. That time off has forced each player to do some soul searching to figure out who they are and what goals they want to set for themselves.

That’s why I reached out to a handful of our favorites to find out what they’ve got planned for the 2021 season.

Brennen Davis, OF: My 2021 goals are to really refine my rhythm and timing in my swing as well as continue to get stronger and fill out my frame. Speed and quick-twitch have been a point of emphasis for me as well. I want to come out in 2021 and continue to do my thing day-in and day-out and do what I do best – just be consistent.

Kohl Franklin, RHP: I would say my resolution is just being more one with my body. Focusing on becoming stronger and maintaining health for as long as possible.”

Jack Patterson, LHP: I’m doing everything I can to try and make up for lost time and get ready to come back better than ever. This was a terrible year for everyone but knowing there is a light, and baseball, at the end of the tunnel is more than enough motivation for me.

Max Bain, RHP: I want to prove that I’m worthy of being in this organization for years to come, not just the guy who was given an opportunity because he threw hard on Twitter. There’s so much more that I’m going to have the opportunity to showcase and I cannot wait.

D.J. Artis, OF: I would say I want to keep improving my arm in the outfield and continue pulling the ball in the air. I feel if I do that I will have every tool.

Andy Weber, IF: My New Year’s resolution is to prove to (Growing Cubs host) Jimmy (Nelligan) that I’m a top 10 hitter in the system. Other than that, it’s to strike out less and walk more.”

So if you are craving both Cubs prospect content and those sweets you probably shouldn’t eat, have no fear. Do what I am doing this holiday season and live vicariously through some of the top players in Minor League Baseball.

Want to hear more about the work these guys put in over the offseason? You can listen to interviews with Franklin, Patterson, Bain, Artis, and Weber on the Growing Cubs Podcast.

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