Wait, Was That Chris Coghlan Batting in a Cubs Intrasquad Sim Game? (Update: Yes)

It could be something or it could be nothing, but there was a dude who looked suspiciously like former Cub Chris Coghlan wearing No. 8 and batting left-handed in a recent intrasquad game. The sim game was held to allow Tyler Chatwood to stay on schedule for his first start of the season, what with Wednesday’s off-day falling on what would have been his turn in the order.

Bleed Cubbie Blue’s Al Yellon was at the game and captured some video of the at-bat (below) from the man who man or may not have once been the best fourth outfielder in baseball. He may or not be the guy who literally jumped and somersaulted over Yadi Molina. And he may or may not be the guy who, after being denied his request for time out, jumped back in the box and emergency-hacked his way to a hit (also against the Cards).

Below is a still image and then the aforementioned video of this mystery player. The stance matches and you’ll see that he does that thing with his left foot where he sort of sweeps the box and resets between pitches.

Photo: Al Yellon, BCB


Again, this could be nothing. Maybe Cogs was simply hanging out at the facility and they just happened to have both his old jersey number and a need for someone to stand in the box against Chatwood. Maybe he’s working with the Cubs in sort of instructional capacity, though I’ve not heard rumblings of such a move. It’d make sense, though, particularly if it’s sort of an at-will thing that allows him plenty of freedom.

I suppose there’s also the possibility that Coghlan is working out in hopes of getting one more go at it, though that seems highly unlikely at this point. He’s still young enough — he turns 33 in June — but the results really haven’t been there since 2015. In his last two partial seasons (388 PA’s), Cogs has slashed .188/.292/.307 with a wRC+ of 62.

In the end, I’m going to say it’s nothing of any significant import. Either Coghlan is working with the Cubs as a roving instructor/consultant or he’s trying to stay in baseball shape, maybe both. Or it’s not Coghlan at all and is just a guy who closely resembles him in both body type and mannerisms.


Well, it was definitely Coghlan, who has now signed a minor league deal with the Cubs.

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