Carl Edwards Jr Just Displayed Lowest Velocity of Career

Lately, Carl Edwards Jr. has looked like a shell of his former self. He hasn’t whiffed as many batters, has allowed tons of hard contact, and hasn’t been the recipient of high-leverage appearances.

In the past, most of Edwards’ struggles had been due to poor command. But against the Cardinals in Game 162, his 92.3 mph average was the lowest he’s produced in a single game in his career. His velocity was almost two mph faster than that in September and nearly three ticks faster in August.

The Cubs couldn’t have asked for a worse time for Edwards to lose it, either. With Pedro Strop’s return still in question and Brandon Morrow officially out for the year, they will have to rely on Justin Wilson, Steve Cishek, Randy Rosario, and Jesse Chavez to get through October.

Gosh, it hurts to see Edwards with so little command on fastballs that don’t even have as much zip.

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