Vegas Gives Cubs Good Odds to Win World Series in 2019

As I sit here in Los Angeles, I am pleased to report that it is a beautiful day. There is this glorious disappointment radiating from the handful of Dodgers fans who realize their team lost. You really have to be here to enjoy it. I know how petty this sounds, but sit through dozens of Cubs games in Dodger Stadium and you’ll understand. But hey, at least Dodgers fans have a chance to lose a third straight World Series next year!

That’s because, like the Cubs, the Dodgers have a strong chance of returning to the World Series. As of October 29, Las Vegas was giving the Cubs 11/2 odds to win the National League pennant next season. The only team with better odds is the Los Angeles Dodgers, who, despite being handily dispatched by the Red Sox, are a 4/1 favorite.

Vegas also gives the Cubs 12/1 odds to win the World Series, which is fifth-best in MLB behind the Yankees (8/1), Dodgers (8/1), Red Sox (7/1), and Astros (7/1). I like those odds, and the offseason hasn’t even started yet. And even though these odds are extremely premature and subject to shift with player acquisitions, it’s still fun to see where the money projects the Cubs before any major offseason rumors even start.

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