Anthony Rizzo Enters Best Shape of Life Discussion…No, Seriously

When Theo Epstein said Monday he was confident that his team had done a good job staying ready for the resumption of the season, he wasn’t kidding. Among those who’ve been putting in work is Anthony Rizzo, who appears to be in better physical shape than we’ve ever seen.

Rizzo has been working out with Tom Flynn, a strength and condition trainer from Coral Springs, FL who focuses on athletic performance. Flynn recently published an Instagram post with pictures and videos of a shirtless Rizzo working through several different lifts and drills with what appears to be much more explosive movement.

If you can’t view IG on your current browser, here are some stills taken from Flynn’s post.

Here’s a video of that agility drill above, the entirety of which you can see in the post if you visit IG. With full understanding that a few readers will have to pee in the Cheerios, it’s apparent that Rizzo is incredibly driven and ready to return to the field as soon as a financial agreement is reached. Now let’s just hope that happens soon and he can carry this hunger right into the new season.

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