Cubs Settle with Kris Bryant for $19.5 Million, Zach Davis for $8.63 Million

Though the delay in reporting initially made it seem as though the Cubs might be heading to the arbitration table with more than one player for the first time in decades, that won’t be the case. Kris Bryant, easily the most costly of their arbitration-eligible players after service time manipulation granted the team an extra year of control, settled for $19.5 million Friday afternoon.

New acquisition Zach Davies settled for $8.63 million in his final year of arbitration, a raise of roughly $3.5 million. The Bryant deal represents a raise of just $900,000 over last season, the smallest of any of the Cubs’ four reported figures to this point.

Javy Báez will earn $11.65 million and Willson Contreras $6.65 million, both under the high end of most estimates.

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