Growing Cubs Podcast: Revisiting Our Prospect Predictions for 2021

Jimmy and Greg have an extra-long episode of The Growing Cubs Podcast this week. Now that the MiLB season is almost a third of the way over, the guys revisit their prospect predictions from the beginning of the year. They look back at their calls for the system’s biggest riser (5:55), how many prospects would debut in 2021 (11:38), the breakout player of the year (24:00), Cubs MLB rookie of the year (27:15), pitcher of the year (33:10), hitter of the year (37:10), their bold predictions (43:02), bounceback player of the year (50:05), favorite guy to watch (54:07), most likely to get two promotions (56:40), farthest hit ball (59:55), and their over-unders (1:01:05). They end the episode with another one of Jimmy’s bold predictions (1:05:50).

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