Theo Epstein Not Candidate for Mets Front Office

Sometimes even the most seasoned firefighter needs to understand when a raging inferno is simply too out of control to risk putting out. Such is apparently the case with Theo Epstein, who will not be strapping on his gear to help Steve Cohen battle the dumpster fire that is the Mets organization.

As first reported by Andy Martino of SNY and later corroborated by other outlets, Epstein and Cohen discussed a front office role and decided that the timing wasn’t right. That makes all the sense in the world from Epstein’s perspective, but it feels like lip service to say it was mutual. Unless, that is, there’s truth to the rumors that Billy Beane of the A’s might be a realistic option.

Beane’s name comes up every time there’s a big opening in a major market and every time he ends up staying put in Oakland. After all, he’s never getting fired from that gig because there’s so little pressure and he’s always finding ways to produce a competitive team. At some point, though, you have to wonder whether the lure of a bigger and/or different challenge will lure him away.

More on this to come, especially now that the other New York team has been eliminated and will make headlines of its own as Aaron Boon’s future remains uncertain.

Update: Welp…

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