Ricketts Family Joins Forces with Hedge Fund Tycoon for Chelsea FC Bid

So it looks like the Ricketts family’s interest in Chelsea FC is more than just a whim. According to Sky Sports News, the Cubs owners have joined forces with hedge fund tycoon Ken Griffin to “form a powerful consortium” that can make a bid on the soccer club.

While you’d be more than justified in questioning how this is possible following all the talk about losing money and trading away World Series heroes, there might be a silver lining here. By that I mean it’s far more difficult for Tom Ricketts to avoid spending big on the Cubs when the family is looking to pitch in on a $4 billion purchase.

Even though the funds are not comingled, something Ricketts will surely remind you of if he ever holds another panel at Cubs Convention, the optics sure are interesting. Maybe ownership could distract everyone by announcing a real-life Ted Lasso situation with Cubs fan Brendan Hunt truly embodying his role as Coach Beard.

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