Shark Attacked by Cubs: Four Homers Sink Jeff Samardzija, Sox

The Cubs and the White Sox are rivals, so even though it’s just Spring Training, the pressure is on when they play. But today that was even more the case because Jeff Samardzija was pitching. Even though he used to play for the North Siders, his old team was prepared for total domination.

Because of four extraordinary players, the Cubs achieved their goal. The first was Jorge Soler, who hit a violent home run with one on and only one out in the first inning. Second was Starlin Castro, who gave it all in for a solo shot in the 4th.

In addition to Soler and Starlin, Chris Coghlan managed to drive the ball for an opposite field homer that gave the Cubs a 5-2 lead. The Cubs were happy, but they hadn’t gotten a full meal yet. Those first three bombs were just chumming the water for what was about to happen next.

But Shark was on the mound, not the dinner table. Anthony Rizzo, however, was hungry for fish. In the 5th inning, he had a feast, dining on a Samardzija pitch for a booming home run which made the score 6-2.

I described it so well already, but you can watch the video if you want.


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