The Real Secret to Jake Arrieta’s Success Revealed

I had meant to post something on this a while back but it slipped my mind and I never got around to it. But after doing research on Jake Arrieta’s rise to dominance, a nagging feeling germinated in the base reaches of my addled brain. I was looking at pitch usage, location, velocity, all the while neglecting what the man had told me with his own keystrokes.

In one gloriously cryptic and flippant tweet, Arrieta revealed not only the secret to his success, but also the mystery of what, exactly, is under his beard.

I was really hoping for a brand new pitch, but honey’s cool I guess. I’m not saying that I believe the guy is loading up the ball with the sweet stuff, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hearken back one of the many great scenes from Major League when I read it.

Whatever you’re doing, Jake, keep it up.


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