Shhh! Let All the Hot Take Artists Know How You Feel with This Sweet T

I love nothing more than to post the above picture when Starlin Castro does something well, which, unfortunately, has been happening less often as the season progresses. But over time, the image has come to symbolize my general feelings toward the little narratives that pop up now and again regarding the Cubs.

Whether it’s the impact of Lester not throwing to first or David Ross’s theft of a roster spot, I put entirely too much effort into trying to straighten folks out. And that’s why I need your help, dear reader. I need you to lend a hand, or a finger, to my cause.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve got a shop here at Cubs Insider. Most of our wares are simple T-shirts with the site’s name emblazoned on them, but I tried to get a little more creative with our most recent offering. A play on the president’s campaign slogan, I Obamanized the above image and captioned it “NOPE.” On the back are the words “Shushing hot takes since 2014.”

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The shirt itself is a tri-blend vintage form-fitting unisex T made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon, produced by American Apparel. In other words, it’s actually a pretty decent item and not some POS that’ll shrink up and bleed out in the wash after you wear it once.

Yes, it’s a little expensive ($36 + shipping), but any meager proceeds go to keeping our little ship afloat; contrary to popular belief, there’s not a great deal of money in this game (unless your name is Brett and you actually have groupies who ask you to autograph baseballs). So buy one for yourself or get one for a friend. Even people who don’t like Castro can look at is as a dig in his direction; everyone wins!

And if this design or price doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always peruse the rest of our selection. We’ve got stuff for men and women alike, though most of the designs are pretty gender neutral. Happy shopping!


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