I’m Solid Reliever Trevor Cahill and I Have DirecTV; I’m Fat Kid in Little League Trevor Cahill and I Have Cable

Getting a leadoff hit from your pitcher is always a good thing, and that is even more true when it’s a relief pitcher. It’s super-fantastic when your leading-off relief pitcher gets a knock against the opposing team’s ace. So when Trevor Cahill stepped into the box with his team down 4-1 in the 5th and lined a 1-1 Gerrit Cole fastball to right, there was reason to rejoice. Well, until Gregory Polanco fielded and fired to Pedro Alvarez for the out.

Wait, what? Yes, Cahill hit into the mythical 9-3 putout and turned what would have been a leadoff single with the top of the order coming up into a rather uneventful 1-2-3 inning. To be fair, Cahill hit it right to Polanco, who was positioned perfectly to field and fire. He was also playing an incredibly shallow right field. Still, Cahill was thrown out by a full three steps. I don’t think I’ve see that, even in coed softball.

I guess we can’t be too mad at the guy though. He came on in relief of a less-than-sharp Jason Hammel and threw 2 innings of shutout ball, allowing only a single hit and striking out 4 Pirates. But, man, that Little League line-out. Oh well, he’s not out to hit, right?

And Polanco did have a bit of karmic retribution due him after that ignominious turn at Wrigley earlier this season.

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