I Hate to See You Go…But I Love to Watch You Walk Off: Video from All 13 of the Cubs’ Last-AB Wins

The Cubs were at it again on Monday night, sealing their 91st win of the season with their 13th walk-off. This team has led fans to curse, drink, question their health (both physical and mental), and hold their collective breath, but it’s all been well worth it more often than not this season. Below are video clips from every one of those lucky 13 victories. Enjoy.

Alright, now that you’ve been sufficiently steeped in Cubbish euphoria, it’s time for me to make a shameless plug. I had actually used the opener of my title here for a post about one of Kris Bryant’s big hits, which then turned into me putting it on a t-shirt. At only $20, it’s one of our most reasonably-priced items (the “Jake Arrieta Great Again” truck cap is only $16 and the “Busting Wittenmyerical Narratives” T is only $18), so you should probably think about getting 3 or 4.

Even if you don’t get a shirt, I think you can agree that the walk-offs have been an incredibly exciting part of what has been an exceptionally fun season on the North Side. Here’s to another last-at-bat win in October, preferably in the middle or latter portion of the month.

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