Postgame Wrap: Cubs v Reds, Montero and Rizzo Are Hot – VIDEO

It was the Cubs day today, winning by the score of 7-4 at Sloan Park as the crowd got to see John Lackey pitch in his first game as a Cub. There were good and bad moments for Lackey on the mound. The good: he struck out four batters in three inning pitched. The bad: he gave up a first inning home run, five hits and three earned runs over those three innings. It’s spring training so no need to get all stressed out and think the wheels are falling off because Lester and Lackey have lost their stuff. He, and Lester, will be fine…I promise.

Miguel Montero continued his assault on spring training opposing pitchers with his second home run of the spring. He’s batting .538 with an OPS of 1.769. Keep this up, Miggy, and the NL MVP is yours!

Here’s video of his two-run blast in the bottom of the fourth inning off Reds’ pitcher Sal Romano:

Anthony Rizzo has also looked fantastic so far this spring and, I’m calling it now, he will win the NL MVP narrowly edging out Miguel Montero (that last part is sarcasm; please, please, please be right though). Rizzo went 2-2 with two double, two runs and one walk. I’m serious when I say he will be the MVP.

Here’s a video of his double that came in the bottom of the second:

Both Tim Federowicz and Dan Vogelbach each contributed with solo home runs.

Saturday is a split-squad day. The first game is at 2:05 CST verses the White Sox at Sloan Park. The second half of the split-squad will be at Camelback Ranch in Glendale verses the Dodgers at 8:05 CST. On the mound for the Cubs we’ll see Jason Hammel in Mesa with Trevor Cahill in Glendale against the Dodgers.

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