Let’s Play Two – Cubs Take on The Padres Looking for Ten Straight Wins

Boy oh boy, what do you think Ernie Banks would think about this team? I often think about all the players, managers and fans that have been part of the Cubs over the years and wonder what they’d think about this year’s Cubs team. I wish Harry Caray, Jack Brickhouse, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and all the Cubs greats, were here to see this team. But alas, it’s up to us to watch and cheer, to hope and dream, to witness history being made. Pretty cool, what’s happening.

The Cubs, with the 25-6 start to the season, are now tied with the 1907 team for the best start in a storied franchise history. A win today and this Cubs team will officially have the best start ever. EVER! We are witnessing history, so stand up straight, comb your hair and get that thing out of your teeth – I’m pretty sure that’s what your mom would say.

The first of two today will start at 12:05 CDT and will feature Kyle Hendricks on the mound for the Cubs. In our piece yesterday on the Cubs hot starting pitching, we mentioned that Kyle leads the team with a 2.65 FIP but is dead last with an average run support of 3.4 runs per game. Hopefully the Cubs can give Kyle some run support today because he’s been pitching better then his 2-2 record would indicate.

The next game, which starts at 7:05 CDT, will have John Lackey pitching for the Cubs. John, in contrast to Kyle, has been getting fantastic run support. He’s gotten an average of 7.33 runs per game to support him in his starts. That explains why he’s 4-1 with the highest ERA (4.02) and BABIP (.288) on the team. In fact, 7.33 runs per game is good enough for third best in the National League.

With the double header today the Cubs will be able to add one more man (26th) to the roster. No word on who that would be but my assumption is it may be a pitcher since the Cubs bullpen has been stretched the last few games. We’ll update you when we find out who that is.

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