Cubs Clips: WATCH Jon Lester & Joe Maddon on Saturday’s Game Against the Giants

This losing thing is for the birds. Like Cardinals. Cubs are baby bears so I’m thinking they should be exempt but unfortunately, in baseball, no team is exempt from losing. It’s always important to keep in mind that it’s hard, even for very, very good teams — like the 2016 Chicago Cubs — to win in the Majors Leagues. I mean, in order to win 100 games — an exceptional season — a team will still lose 62 games. Those losses will come in a variety of ways, from close games, to opposing pitching domination, to sloppy loses, to straight-up blow out loses. One thing is for sure — they will come.

When Joe Maddon talked about the Cubs loss yesterday he mentioned that they had chances to chip away at the lead but ultimately — while there weren’t many chances — the Cubs didn’t get it done. It’s hard to bounce back from a four-run deficit when you’re scattering hits as opposed to getting them in bunches. Bottom line is that the Cubs played hard and Joe sees that is what’s happening. Tomorrow is a new day. The Cubs still have the best record in the League at 29-12.

Click here for Lester and here for Maddon if the video doesn’t show up below.

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