Chicago Cubs Lineup: Cubs Hope to End 1st Half on Winning Note

If the Chicago Cubs (52-35) have any hope of squeezing a morsel of positivity from their recent slide, today would be the time to do that. The Pittsburgh Pirates (46-42) have been the welcome beneficiaries of some super ugly Cubs baseball.

John Lackey (7-5, 3.50 ERA) will be the man looking to change the recent mis-fortunes of the Cubs. He’ll do so with Ben Zobrist manning the lead-off spot in the lineup.

Willson Contreras is catching again today, as it looks like Willson is definitely, thankfully, going to be a big part of this team in the second half of the season.

Jason Heyward has found some solid production from batting sixth in the order and that’s where he remains today.

Sunday 7/10 1:35pm
John Lackey (R)
@ Pirates – Jonathon Niese (L)
1. Ben Zobrist (S) 2B
2. Kris Bryant (R) LF
3. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
4. Willson Contreras (R) C
5. Addison Russell (R) SS
6. Jason Heyward (L) RF
7. Javier Baez (R) 3B
8. Albert Almora Jr. (R) CF
9. John Lackey (R) P

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