Tommy La Stella Set to Report to Double-A Tennessee

Joe Maddon, when speaking on his weekly update on 670 The Score, said that Tommy La Stella is getting ready to report to Double-A Tennessee Smokies soon.

Of course, this is encouraging news for the Cubs since Tommy had been performing extremely well for the team as a lefty bat off the bench and really just got caught in a chess match, as Joe had to balance the best interest of the team with the reality of certain player’s contract statuses. That led to Tommy getting sent down to Triple-A Iowa and then, subsequently, not reporting.

“Tommy is doing well, I think he’s going to be about ready to report to AA”

The Cubs have been in constant contact with Tommy since he failed to report and have been working through the issues. Of course, the exact details of those issues haven’t totally been divulged to the public, what we do know is that Tommy felt he deserved to be playing with the Cubs and wasn’t interested in playing anywhere else.

It’s been a bizarre situation from the beginning and we’re looking forward to Tommy reporting to Tennessee and eventually getting added back to the Cubs roster come September 1, when rosters expand to 40 players.

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