Chicago Cubs Win National League Central Division

What a season it’s been,  One, I suppose, we could have seen coming from a mile away. The Chicago Cubs just clinched the division while no other team in baseball has clinched a playoff spot. Saying it that way makes it seem ok that they didn’t manage to clinch it tonight at Wrigley Field, in front of the home crowd.

With 16 games left in the season, the Cubs have secured the division. Not just a playoff spot, but the entire freakin’ division. This has now entered the realm of 1994 ‘me’ speaking to 2016 ‘me.’ Damn. Ten percent of this season is still left and the Cubs just clinched the division.


It’s time to celebrate. And celebrate we will. Tomorrow’s game is destined to be a sure fire party to honor this team, their fans (us!), and this fantastic city of Chicago.


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