Check it Out! Cubs Postseason Gear Worn on Field Yesterday Now Available

Now that the Cubs have won the National League Central title it’s time for cool new stuff. The Cubs have released their newest schwag to celebrate their postseason birth and, of course, that makes them the very first team to offer this to their fans.

I bought both of my little boys ‘Made For October’ shirts when I was at the game yesterday and when they saw the shirts this morning they put them on right away. I’m not sure they entirely understand the significance of the playoffs yet – they’re only 4 1/2 and 3 years old – but they truly LOVE anything that is Cubs related. My oldest son asked me to get him more Cubs socks from Wrigley Field because, as he put it, ‘when I wear my Cubs socks they get dirty and then I can’t wear them.’

If you like the Cubs postseason shirts, you can order them here.










And if you like the Cubs postseason hats, you can order those here.










Of course, there’s lots more available at Amazon here if you want to shop around.

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