Rumor: Cubs Could Host Wrigley Watch Parties for Games 6, 7 (Updated)

While engaging in a little conversation prior to Game 1 in Cleveland, the topic of stadium watch parties came up. The Indians fans with me were saying that Progressive Field would be hosting viewing parties for Games 3-5 with only a $5 admission, proceeds from which would go to support local charities. They asked whether the Cubs would be doing the same, to which I replied that the local aldermen would probably never let it fly.

After seeing just how crazy things got in Wrigleyville this past weekend, it’s easy to see why the neighborhood might like the chance to catch its breath and detox for a few months. Then again, the potential for fundraising is attractive and there’s no way it’d be quite as nuts as actually having games there. Still, no way do they go for it, right?

Stay tuned….


Sorry, folks, looks like the dream has died. Not that that should really come as a surprise to anyone, though there was a small sliver of hope somewhere in the last bit of my heart that still believe in fairy tales.

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