Cubs Clips: Exclusive Fan Video of Kris Bryant Scoring in Game 7 of World Series Off Anthony Rizzo Single

I was lucky enough to attend every game of the World Series this year. I felt so confident the Cubs were going to win the World Series, even before the season, that when I started this blog I chose the name ‘Cubs Kingdom’ along with the logo I designed for that very reason.

It was that same confidence that led me on a crazy twelve day adventure following the Cubs as they bounced between Cleveland and Chicago during the World Series and subsequent Championship parade. Needless to say, I have a ton of photos and some videos that I am just now starting to parse through.

In this fan video I shot, Anthony Rizzo hits a single to score a hustling Kris Bryant – who was running on the play – all the way from first base to increase the Cubs lead in the top of the fifth inning of Game 7 of the World Series to 5-1. Thanks for watching and be on the lookout for more great video and photos coming soon!

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