Cubs News & Notes – 11/28/16: Bears Celebrate Championship, Chapman & Yankees Not So Fast, CBA Deadline

I’d like to give thanks for surviving Thanksgiving week/weekend. It always feels like over-indulging is the main theme and I always feel a little overdone by the time the weekend ends. The best part of the weekend for me was going to get our family Christmas tree yesterday. I was negotiating with the Christmas tree man while my two boys were weaving in and out of their field of trees. Suddenly a gust of wind kicked up and one of the big trees fell over. I think that, and my boys running around recklessly, may have gotten me a better price. So, I’m thankful for that too.

On to the Cubs news and noteworthy happenings.

  • If you caught any of the football games yesterday, and especially if you’re in Chicago, you may have seen that Tom Ricketts and that beautiful World Series Championship trophy made a visit to soldier field before the Bears’ game. Unfortunately, it didn’t provide enough motivation to fuel the Bears to a win – they lost to the Tennessee Titans and are now 2-9 on the year. Ouch.

  • It’s well known that the Yankees have been said to be courting Aroldis Chapman. If you believe what you read in the press than you’ve got every right to think that the Yankees have all but signed Chapman already. Well, don’t forget that the Cubs wouldn’t mind keeping Chapman, for the right price of course. And you’ll notice, the Yankees are mentioned in the same breath as a bunch of other sure-to-be-expensive free agents such as Edwin Encarnacion ( and even mentioned as being interested in Chris Sale.
  • This is what the Yankees do so often. They drive the expected price of free agents up to scare off suitors and then they decide who to sign or not. Now we’re hearing that the Yankees aren’t interested in Chapman if his price hits $100 million (MLBTR). What to believe. Don’t think that Theo and team are going to get dooped. They’ll be there looking to make a deal if a deal is there for the taking at the right price.
  • Of course, with the CBA set to expire this Thursday and the possibility of a lockout by the owners, I don’t expect there to be a lot of activity, particularly on the big-ticket free agents, until a new CBA is agreed to. One of the contentious issues being discussed is what the Luxury tax threshold – currently at $189 million – should be moved to. Many expect it to be in the $200+ million range but until that line in the sand is drawn, it makes it very difficult for teams to manage their finances. Now, if a new CBA can be agreed upon in time to stop a lockout then expect to see a flurry of signings.
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