Daily Cubs Clip Fix (2/27/16): Russell & Contreras Bash Home Runs, Chesney Young 2-Run Single, More

The rain held off at Sloan Park today just long enough for the Cubs to tie the White Sox 4-4. It was the Cubs’ second tie in as many games and it serves to reinforce my belief that there should never be ties in baseball. I’m not proposing this for the regular season, but I would like to see Spring Training games that last 9 innings and end in a tie get decided by a home run contest. Why not? I can promise that the fans would love it and they would stick around hoping to see it.

The Cubs scored four runs today and I managed to get all of them on video. Both Addison Russell and Willson Contreras each had solo bombs and Chesny Young hit a two-run single. Videos of said runs being scored can be seen below.

I recently acquired a new handheld video camera in the hopes that it would improve the quality of the highlights I bring to you all, but you’ll have to bear with me while I work to master said gizmo. I got most of the action today and that’s all that matters, right?

Photo gallery

Video Highlights

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