Watch: Javier Baez Exits After Scary Collision

You could see it coming a mile away, knew that the blooper off the bat of Hernan Perez would be trouble. But when Javy Baez went after it all hellbent for election at the same time Jason Heyward was coming in, it was enough to catch your breath as your stomach tasted your socks.

Even if you hadn’t known prior to the play that Kyle Schwarber’s regular season met its demise on April 7, 2016, you were having flashbacks. And for the record, every time I type “you” I’m talking about myself. That Baez was able to get up after taking a forearm shiver to the dome was heartening. I mean, have you seen Heyward?

The Cubs are saying Javy has a contusion above his left eye, but his availability moving forward is not yet known.

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