Yankees, Marlins Agree on Starlin Castro Trade, Giancarlo Stanton Reportedly Involved

The Yankees and Marlins have reportedly agreed to a deal to send Starlin Castro to Miami, with the Yankees taking on a young slugger named…Giancarlo Stanton?

The reports started flying last night, with Joel Sherman of the New York Post reporting at 4am ET that a deal to send Stanton from the Marlins to the Yankees was “virtually done.” Subsequent reports from Sherman, Jon Heyman, Jeff Passan, and Ken Rosenthal, among others, all confirm that a deal is in place and just needs Stanton’s approval.

Actually, Sherman has been all over this for the last week and a half, so huge credit to him for that.

While we don’t know what all New York is sending back to Miami or how much of Stanton’s contract they’re taking on, Castro is the main piece. The former Cubs infielder is owed $10 million for 2018 and $11 million in 2019, so the Marlins are getting $15 million of salary relief in each of those two seasons. Castro is owed $16 million with a $1M buyout for 2020, so it’s almost assured that Miami will exercise that.

If the Yankees are taking on Stanton’s full salary, the Marlins are really freed up in that third year. Of course, that also means New York’s salary obligation spikes at that point. They’re only bumping the payroll by $15 million in each of the next two seasons, but then they’re on the hook for $30.4 million AAV over the following eight seasons. Stanton may just be worth that, though.

The Yankees have a crazy lineup at this point and I’m really looking forward to seeing them employ a defensive shift that features two mammoth right fielders (Aaron Judge is the other, in case you have been under a rock). Hell, they could probably do that and get away with it since they’re going to score a bajillion runs every year.

At the end of the day, I really feel for Castro in all this. He was traded out of Chicago right before the World Series campaign, now he’s being shipped out of New York as their young team comes into its own. Wait, does this mean the Marlins will be ready to contend by 2020? Perhaps Castro is the harbinger of success.

Nah, probably not.


Holy crap, the Yankees are getting $35 million in offsets too?!

***Update #2***

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