Twins Official: Darvish Date Unknown, ‘Cubs Will Be Tough to Top’

I think we’ve covered this topic enough by now that you’ll be okay if I just dispense with the pleasantries and get right to the matter at hand. While other teams are still very much in the mix, a majority of the Yu Darvish talk these past few days has centered around the Twins and Cubs. The updated World Series odds reflect that, too.

Unlike a Japanese report that said the pitcher was going to decide by Christmas, Darvish hasn’t shot Jon Morosi’s report that he was “increasingly likely” to make a decision this week. If that had you on edge, I’m reasonably sure this next tidbit isn’t going to act as a sedative.

According to a tweet from Darren Wolfson of KSTP in Minneapolis, the Twins are not aware of any specific date for a decision but have been told they are still in the race. Then he adds this kicker: “Cubs will be tough to top.”

Could that last bit could be in reference a contract offer (the Twins are reportedly unwilling to go to $150 million) or just overall appeal (some believe Minnesota is a tough sell for free agents)? In all likelihood, it’s both. The Twins are a young team on the come, but the Cubs are looking for a fourth straight NLCS and boast a top-notch atmosphere that may now include Darvish’s favorite catcher.

Then again, maybe this is all just a distraction from the Cubs’ true goal of bringing Matt Garza back.

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