Wrigley Construction Update: The Park Appears Ready for Baseball

In what should be the last of these updates for the 2018 season, we can see that Wrigley Field is ready to host baseball games. Well, almost. The only equipment out there is of the lighter variety and pretty much everything appears to be in place.

It does look as though the dugouts are still in need of protective fencing and perhaps some additional seating, but the awnings have been installed and all of the actual ballpark seats look to be good to go. The sod has all been laid, which is a slight change from our last update, and will have another week to take hold before it sees real action.

All in all, I’d say the place looks pretty well buttoned up. Of course, there’s still some cosmetic work to be done with the concourse and such, all the really important stuff is set. It’s really amazing when you consider just how extensive a project this has been.

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