Postponed again: Cubs’ Wednesday game with Cardinals moved to Thursday

With more inclement weather in the forecast, the Chicago Cubs wasted no time on Wednesday in postponing yet another game.

The good news, if you can consider it good, is that they won’t be eating up an off-day later in the season or scheduling another double-header. The Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals were both off for travel on Thursday, and the forecast is considerably better. That made bumping the game back a day the most palatable situation for everyone involved, minus any fans that had made travel plans.

This is the Cubs’ fifth postponement of the short season, compared to just 15 games played. The weather has been terrible in several parts of the country this April, prompting some to suggest that Major League Baseball should consider moving to a 154-game schedule. Lost revenue is a major hurdle in even starting that conversation, however.

The Cubs have already rescheduled a road game against the Cincinnati Reds, as well as home games against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, and the first game of this three-game set against the Cardinals.

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