Watch: Almora Makes Leaping Catch at Wall to Rob Extra Bases

Hardly a game goes by that Albert Almora Jr. doesn’t make a spectacular play and Wednesday night was no different. Tyler Flowers drove a 3-1 fastball out to deep center and it had extra bases written all over it. But Almora had a bead on it from the moment it left the bat and tracked to all the way to the wall, which he used it to help him leap up to snag the ball.

Would it have been a homer? A double? The ball left the bat at 106.5 mph and had a 95 percent hit probability, so it sure as heck would have been something. It really doesn’t matter, though, because death comes for all fly balls that dare cross paths with Almora’s glove.

Dude already has a fantastic highlight reel this season and it’s only mid-May. Oh, he’s also hitting right-handed pitching.

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