Bryant Receives Cortisone Shot After MRI Reveals No Structural Damage

Kris Bryant told reporters that he was “1,000 percent sure” he’d return this season after a second MRI revealed no structural damage in his ailing left shoulder. Just when that return will take place, however, is another story. Bryant has yet to swing a bat and the team is sure to be very careful with his rehab to avoid any recurrence of the pain that has already sent him to the DL twice.

Jed Hoyer joined Bernstein and McKnight Friday afternoon to talk about the Cole Hamels trade, but the conversation did expand to Bryant and his shoulder. Hoyer called the MVP a “cage rat” and admitted that the millions of swings he takes could have led at least in part to the injury. That’s likely something they’ll have him cut back on, at least for now.

One other interesting note can be found in a tweet from Carrie Muskat that says Bryant got “another cortisone shot.” Any reports of him getting a first one were scarce at best, but there had been a little scuttlebutt of a more recent injection.

My understanding was that he had not gotten an injection prior to the MRI, but it makes sense that he would have one after getting the positive results. I’ve maintained that I’m not a big fan of cortisone, but I can understand the reasons for its use when there are no issues with making an injury worse from a structural standpoint.

So this is basically the best possible news for both Bryant and the Cubs. And with David Bote providing a very capable replacement, there’s no need to rush things until it’s absolutely certain the shoulder will allow Bryant to play at full strength.

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