MLB Announces 2019 Schedule, Cubs Open March 28 at Texas, Home Opener April 8

MLB released the 2019 schedule Wednesday, revealing that the Cubs will open at Texas on March 28. They’ll then have a day off before finishing their three-game set and heading to Atlanta, where they’ll have another day off after the first game. They finish a nine-game road slate in Milwaukee.

The Wrigley opener will be April 8 against Pittsburgh, after which the Cubs will get yet another day off. And who knows, maybe bad weather will postpone several schedule games like it did this year.

As you may have gathered from the initial series, the Cubs and the rest of the NL Central will be paired with the AL West. Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani are coming to town April 12-14, but the Astros are apparently not returning to face their old division foes at Wrigley.

You may now return to worrying about the slightly more pressing matter of the remaining 2018 season.

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