Pedro Strop Jogging, Targeting Thursday Return

Pedro Strop has been out since injuring his hamstring while running to first during extra innings in Washington a couple weeks ago. He’s tested the leg with a pair of bullpen sessions and took the next step, literally, with a little jogging prior to Saturday’s game.

“No mound today, gonna try to jog right now after I play catch and see how [it goes],” Strop told reporters in the clubhouse.

“We already tested twice on the mound and it went well,” the reliever continued. “And now we’re gonna make the next step, which is running, and make sure that if I get in the game I’ll be able to at least cover first.”

Strop was all smiles after that last quip and he’s obviously in good spirits, though his rehab is coming along just a tad slower than he would have liked. After initially saying that he might be ready to go for this final weekend, Stop said he’s now targeting the start of the playoffs.

“I don’t think so,” Strop answered when asked whether he’d pitch this weekend. “We’re still looking for [the] playoffs.”

So does that mean a potential Wild Card appearance?

“Don’t tell me about Tuesday,” Strop laughed. “That’s the B plan. We’re looking for the A plan.”

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