Wrigley Construction Update: Cubs Raze Bar to Make Room for New Entertainment Complex

The Cubs are wasting no time responding to Theo Epstein’s call during his end-of-season press conference to create a better environment and improve the team for 2019 and beyond. To wit, they’ve already razed the bar.

Phase Four of the seemingly never-ending 1060 Project got underway much earlier than it has in previous seasons, so crews may have slightly better weather as they start the latest round of renovations. One major feature of this phase includes the destruction of the former Captain Morgan Club/DraftKings Sports Zone on the corner of Addison and Sheffield.

According the the 1060 Project update site, the space will be used for a multi-purpose “retail and entertainment addition” that should be ready by Opening Day*. An artist’s rendering on the site shows an enclosed retail space that appears to occupy the footprint of the old bar, with a ticket office on one corner and a new bar/restaurant presumably located on the second floor.

This new development, which will replace the current Captain Morgan Club and United Club, is expected to be ready for Opening Day 2018. Possible uses of the space may include a restaurant/bar, a retail merchandise store and a ticket office. The third-level, rooftop area will be connected to the terrace concourse of the ballpark and easily accessible by fans. This new outdoor terrace will provide more flexible space and include expanded concession areas and bathrooms

Other offseason plans include modernizing and expanding the existing suites and completing three new premium club experiences: The Maker’s Mark Barrel Room, the W Club and the Catalina Club. There are also further upgrades being made to the regular seats, some of which comes as a result of the clubs and some of which is due to the ongoing effort to modernize and strengthen Wrigley’s concrete.

*Ed. note: The site lists Opening Day 2018 as the date for the new annex, which is either a typo or dated information. Given what appears to be a relatively simple design, it’s reasonable to believe they could have it ready for the start of the coming season.

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