Report: Cubs Telling Teams Kyle Schwarber Is Off Limits

As Theo Epstein’s large adult son, Kyle Schwarber has long been deemed untouchable in a trade. Even when he was out with a knee injury and could have helped the Cubs land Andrew Miller. Even as his approach faltered and he had to be demoted to Iowa to figure things out. And now even as the Cubs’ outfield glut makes it likely that they’ll have to part with a young star to fill other needs.

That other teams have inquired about Schwarber isn’t a surprise, but the idea that Schwarber is completely unavailable runs counter to the rhetoric surrounding even Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. And who knows, it could simply be that the teams in question haven’t matched up well. But the way Bob Nightengale makes it sound, the Cubs have turned inquiries down cold without much conversation.

We’ll see how this all plays out, but the immediate hints are that Albert Almora Jr. and Ian Happ are much likelier candidates to be traded away. Or Jason Heyward, which isn’t happening absent a really wild scenario. Or Schwarber will be traded tomorrow.

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