Cubs Quick Hits: Yu Darvish Can Throw 80 MPH Lefty

I’m not saying Yu Darvish could supplant Pat Venditte as MLB’s best-known switch-pitcher, but he probably could get batters out throwing with his “weak” arm. Just imagine Joe Maddon going out to the mound and signaling for a lefty, only to have someone hustle out to the mound with a new glove for Darvish.

The big righty, who makes his spring debut Tuesday, said he’s actually been clocked at 79 mph throwing left-handed. I don’t think I ever threw that hard during my incredible prep career, but I made up for it as a slick-fielding shortstop with unbelievable contact skills. For what it’s worth, he can also mix in knuckleballs and changeups as a southpaw. Sign me up for a lefty Darvish relieving Anthony Rizzo this season.

And if you were wondering, yes, he can hit lefty as well.

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