Cubs Welcoming Stranger Things to Friendly Confines June 24

No, that’s not Andre Dawson, Kerry Wood, or a French horn in the ivy — but it might be a demogorgon. As if your fantasy and sci-fi fix at Wrigley Field wasn’t satisfied after the Game of Thrones Night on Tuesday, the Cubs are among a handful of MLB teams partnering with Stranger Things for a special upside-down night on June 24.

There has been little in the way of details regarding the mash-up of baseball and our favorite A/V Club heroes from fictional Hawkins, IN, but that should change soon enough. The night will no doubt feature music, video clips, special merchandise, and homages to the Netflix behemoth about to kick off its third season on Independence Day. Who knows, maybe Hopper or El will even be there.

Stranger Things has tantalized fans both young and old since its debut in July of 2016, playing on nostalgic feels for those of us who actually got to experience part of the 80’s. It has also hooked modern kids who yearn for the simplicity, freedom, and adventure of yesteryear that just isn’t possible in 2019. No doubt both MLB and Netflix saw this as an opportunity to promote the beginning of summer baseball while appealing to a coveted target demographic.

With words from Vin Scully fizzling out to the ominously synthed-out Stranger Things theme, the official MLB video announcement doesn’t actually announce anything at all. Perhaps there is a baseball-themed episode or curveball waiting for us in the third season that really plays up the partnership (I guess Steve’s spiked baseball bat some kind of loose connection). Perhaps it’s just about cold, hard cash.

Regardless of the financial incentives, the night will be a great way to mix baseball with a popular show that both kids and adults enjoy. And, don’t we need more reasons to keep both kids and adults entertained and engaged at the ballpark? Maybe it’ll help draw some Steve or Nancy fans to the ballpark and help them become Javy or Mookie fans.

With the show’s Season 3 tagline, “One summer can change everything,” what better time and place to advertise could there be than during a ballgame at Wrigley Field just before summer officially begins?

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