Possible Interdimensional Interloper Wears Anthony Rizzo White Sox Jersey to Cubs Game

Have you ever had one of those really weird feelings that something was simply…wrong? Call it mild clairvoyance, call it déjà vu, call it the aftereffects of a bad trip or even a glitch in the Matrix. Whatever the root cause, you knew that what you were feeling or seeing was so fundamentally off-kilter that it proved the existence of some kind of power beyond our commonly accepted plane.

Why, just a few years ago, we saw an aged Kyle Schwarber travelling back in time to 2015 San Francisco to watch himself play as a younger man. Tuesday night in Chicago brought another such wrinkle in the time-space continuum, as an interloper appeared at Wrigley Field wearing an Anthony Rizzo White Sox jersey.

Was this a sign that Rizzo will defect to the South Side when his time with the Cubs is up? Perhaps it was proof of at least one alternate reality and/or the ability to travel interdimensionally via wormhole. Turns out the answer was quite a bit more mundane, though no less confusing.

Just a friend of Rizzo’s who happens to be White Sox AF. Friends, please don’t ever do anything like this.

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