Watch: Kars 4 Kids Unleashes Toxic Earworm Jingle on TV Audiences

One of the more endearing qualities of Cubs baseball throughout the years is the parade of cheesy local ads that have graced the broadcasts, both radio and TV. Things have changed a bit over the last few years as the team has grown more popular and the television coverage has splintered, but the goofy jingles and player sponsorships for local law firms are part and parcel with the game.

But every once in a while, you get an ad with such an unavoidable earworm of a jingle that you can’t help but singing along despite hating yourself a little more with each word. You’d probably know what I was talking about even without the title: Kars 4 Kids, the national nonprofit that accepts motor vehicle donations to support youth and educational programs.

While I’m sure it’s a great organization at its core, the obnoxious jingle and use of “Kars” reaches into the chalkboard of my very being and runs its nails across the entire length. Until recently, those soul-rending experiences were reserved for radio listeners. Then Kars 4 Kids unleashed their uber-creepy TV ad into the world and I fear we’ll never be the same.

I’d apologize to those of you who hadn’t already seen this, but I want everyone else to stare into the same deadlights I was forced to witness during Tuesday’s game.

Ed. note: As several people have mentioned via social media, this isn’t a new commercial. Well, of course not, but it’s not been in regular rotation during Cubs games, which is the point.

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