Brad Wieck Back in AZ After Undergoing Procedure to Correct Abnormal Heartbeat

Lefty reliever Brad Wieck is back in Arizona after being away from the team for a while to undergo a procedure to correct an “atrial flutter” discovered during a pre-spring training physical. The Cubs had not disclosed the reason for Wieck’s absence at the time for privacy reasons, but they announced Thursday he underwent a cardiac ablation and will be re-evaluated late next week to determine when he can resume throwing.

Wieck went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for the procedure, which scars small areas of the heart that are involved in creating rhythm problems. This is done by placing small electrodes on the heart via catheter and then using either heat energy or very cold temperatures to scar the portions responsible for the abnormal signals, thus preventing them from moving through the heart.

Sounds fun, huh?

Wieck is expected to make a full recovery and should be able to pitch this season for the Cubs, but the most important thing is that he takes care of himself. The big lefty’s health is far more important right now that how his absence impacts the bullpen.

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