Watch: Willson Contreras Staying Positive, Inventing New Ways to Deal with Shutdown

Willson Contreras has one of those lively personalities that projects hope, love, and fun in virtually everything he does. His attitude is always on display for all to see. Of course, that’s when things are normal. It’s anything but normal these days, which calls for a little bit of creativity.

The first video below is a great piece about Contreras’ attitude on life. It focuses on how he started to use Twitter as a more positive place for him and his followers. Imagine that, social media being used to spread positivity. Interesting concept, huh?

The second video below was recently posted by Contreras on Twitter, and it really exemplifies the vibe he’s trying to project. His brother, William Contreras, plays in the Atlanta Braves organization and is seen in the video using a Nerf gun to fire balls for Willson to hit.

What I wouldn’t give to be their neighbor.

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