Two Cubs Employees Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

According to Madeline Kenney of the Sun-Times, two Cubs employees recently tested positive for COVID-19. The results were received this past Monday and Tuesday, a little over two weeks after the employees had attended a training in Wrigley Field’s premier clubs on March 8.

An email sent by the Cubs informed other associates of the positive tests and said that the club has reached out to offer support to the employees in question. There are few other details at this point, but the CST story linked above will be updated as more becomes available.

Though you probably don’t need one, I want to use this opportunity to remind you to stay inside to the greatest extent possible. As much as we’d all love nothing more than to participate in our normal activities, that’s just not a responsible choice at this point.

Ed. note: It’s important to point out here that no Cubs players would have been exposed because they weren’t at Wrigley yet and the ballpark was closed when MLB shut down. That isn’t to say players and other baseball personnel might not have been exposed elsewhere, just that this is wholly separate from baseball operations.

That said, I just hope all is well with the individuals who tested positive and that they’re able to recover quickly.

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