Watch: David Kaplan Talks Being Fired by Dallas Green, Hustling Scouting Reports, Lying Way into First TV Gig

David Kaplan joined The Rant Tuesday afternoon to talk about a variety of subjects, of the first of which involved being fired as a Wrigley Field vendor by then-Cubs GM Dallas Green. It might be the most Chicago story ever, complete with bootleg t-shirts, a police protection racket, and a plug from Mark Giangreco. Kap went on to hustle high school basketball scouting reports as a way to pay for law school, but gave up a possible legal career when he got the chance to broadcast DePaul games.

Suffice to say, the former NIU assistant coach’s television resume wasn’t quite as robust as he claimed at the time. But everything worked out and Kap has been doing Cubs pre-and postgame for over two decades. We did manage to get around to some baseball talk, including the current state of affairs and that report about Kris Bryant’s extension offer.

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