Watch: Theo Epstein Bangs Home 50-Yard Trick Shot for ALS Awareness

In case you’ve not come across the #TrickShot4Snowy movement on Twitter, it’s a challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS. Named for Calgary Flames assistant general Chris Snow, who used to cover the Red Sox beat for the Boston Globe, the challenge “encourages people to film a trick shot of any kind, post it and nominate two others to strut their stuff while asking for donations.”

Snow was diagnosed with ALS one year ago and was told at the time he had one year to live, but his participation in a clinical trial and perhaps his sheer force of will has slowed the disease’s progression. Though he’s lost the use of his right arm and has noticed a little drooping in his smile, Snow can still coach his son’s baseball and hockey teams and can still bang through field goals of his own.

“I’ll tell myself every day, from that day on, that this is a bonus,” Snow told SportsNet earlier in June. “This was not guaranteed to me. In fact, quite the opposite, it was very likely to be taken from me. So that’s a day I’ll feel a great deal of gratitude, and every day after that I’ll try to remind myself of that gratitude.

“I think a lot of days it’s human nature to feel anxious and concerned, even though I am beating the odds already. But on that date, we will celebrate.”

Theo Epstein recently took part by booting a 50-yard “field goal” into a soccer net, though the jury is still out on the legitimacy of the kick since he admitted to having a bit of a tailwind. He then challenged David Ortiz and Eddie Vedder to show off their tricks, so be on the lookout for those shots at some point.

You can see all kinds of other shots by searching #TrickShot4Snowy on Twitter, which is probably a pretty good way to entertain yourself given the dearth of sports. And maybe consider making a donation to fund ALS research and treatment if you have the ability to do so.

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